EIFFEL Fiber Joint Stock Company (DamSan Group) signed a cooperation agreement with ET Solar Group

On 19/5, EIFFEL Fiber Joint Stock Company (DamSan Group) signed a cooperation agreement with ET Solar Group to invest in a silicon wafer factory project in An Ninh industrial cluster, Tien Hai district, Thai Binh province.

Chairman of Thai Binh People’s Committee Nguyen Khac Kidney speaking at the signing ceremony












The silicon wafer factory project (applied in the semiconductor and solar industry) of ET Solar Group has a total investment of 98 million USD, built on an area of 6.8 hectares in An Ninh industrial cluster (CCN), Tien Hai, Thai Binh, invested by DamSan Joint Stock Company. When put into operation, the factory is expected to produce 300 million panels / year, revenue of about 280 million USD / year, bringing tax sources from 400 billion VND / year to the province, creating jobs over 1,000 workers, contributing to local economic development.

At the meeting, Mr. Vu Huy Dong, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of DamSan Joint Stock Company said: Investing in the solar power renewable energy industry is the trend of the times to create a green and clean life for today and the future.

Recognizing this, DamSan pioneered investment in solar energy with AD Green Company with a capacity of 3GW of electricity per year at CCN An Ninh, Tien Hai with the decision to convert CCN An Ninh to expand 75 hectares into CCN producing solar energy. DamSan is very assured to invite its partner, ET Solar Group, an enterprise with extensive experience in the field of solar energy that has invested in many countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia to become an investment cooperation partner oriented to the development of CCN Security.

DamSan Group signed a cooperation agreement with ET Solar Group in the presence of Chairman of Thai Binh People’s Committee Nguyen Khac Kidney, provincial leaders, departments and agencies in the province




Together with AD Green Factory, the signing of the investment agreement for the Silicon Sheet Factory Project at CCN An Ninh between EIFFEL Fiber Joint Stock Company (DamSan Group) and ET Solar Group is an extremely important cooperation in implementing the development orientation of CCN Security, create a favorable foundation for continuing to attract solar energy investors to build a closed production chain, sustainable development, creating momentum for the green economic development of Thai Binh. This is a successful cooperation between 2 enterprises as well as marking the development of green industry of the province.

Mr. Vu Huy Dong expressed his desire to continue receiving the attention and encouragement of Thai Binh province’s leaders and the coordination of departments and localities in the coming time so that The Security Cluster and factories will soon come into operation effectively.

Also at the ceremony, Chairman of Thai Binh People’s Committee Nguyen Khac Kidney expressed his pleasure to receive and work with ET Solar Group. Mr. Kidney said: In the development orientation of Thai Binh province, besides focusing on agricultural development, Thai Binh pays great attention to industrial development. To accomplish that goal, Thai Binh province has made efforts in attracting investment, especially foreign investment. The location of Thai Binh province attracts domestic and foreign investors concentrated in economic zones, industrial zones and clusters.

CCN An Ninh, owned by DamSan Joint Stock Company, is a newly formed infrastructure investor but has cleared the ground very quickly and is well invested. The silicon wafer factory investment project is the largest foreign-invested investment project ever in CCN in Thai Binh province.

In order for the project to be implemented soon, the Chairman of Thai Binh People’s Committee proposed that immediately after the signing ceremony, the 2 parties implement investment procedures. In the process of implementation, ET Solar needs to comply well with Vietnamese laws, comply with regulations on environmental protection,… Thai Binh province is committed to supporting investors with issues related to policies and procedures,… EIFFEL Yarn Joint Stock Company will be the focal point to help foreign investors.

Chairman Nguyen Khac Kidney believes that in the coming time, CCN An Ninh will attract many projects.