Street Lights

Use solar lights to create sustainable street lighting solutions. AD GREEN’s solutions are not only environmentally friendly, but also cost-effective.

A solar light is a lighting device used to provide light in areas without mains electricity.

The special thing about solar lights is that they use solar energy to operate, which saves energy and reduces pollution emissions. Solar lights consist of a solar battery pack, controller, LED bulb and a light sensor. The solar battery pack is installed on top of the lamp and is used to absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. 

The solar light’s controller helps regulate and manage the energy stored in the battery pack. It ensures that the lights only use enough energy to stay on for the time needed. The controller also has the function of turning the lights on automatically when the surrounding environment becomes dark and off when there is enough light. LED bulbs of solar lights use less energy than other traditional lights. They have a long life and help save maintenance and replacement costs, capable of operating up to 10 hours continuously. 

The light sensor of the solar light makes it only use solar energy at night or in low light conditions. It can be said that solar lights are a smart and energy-saving lighting solution for areas without grid power.

Another feature of solar lights is the ability to automatically turn on/off. It is equipped with a light sensor, which allows the light to turn off when the natural light is bright enough and turn on when the light is low or no light. This saves energy and extends battery life. 

Moreover, our solar lights are water resistant, and withstand harsh environments with high durability. Materials are manufactured to high quality and designed to meet the demands of outdoor use.

In addition, some models of solar lights are also equipped with a light color change feature, which allows you to change the light color of the lamp to create a beautiful decorative effect. 

Therefore, solar lights are a potential and sustainable lighting solution that we provide to our customers with many outstanding features such as the ability to store energy from sunlight and features auto on/off. Contact AD Green for further advice.

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