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AD GREEN is changing the rules for renewable energy. Our automated large-capacity factory is capable of delivering up to 3GW of power. Combined with a team of industry experts, both foreign and domestic, we facilitate the mass production of highly efficient solar panels, certified by international standards and ready to export globally.
Automated factory with a large capacity of up to 3GW with a large scale of 79,000m² in An Ninh industrial park, Thai Binh Province.
AD GREEN is a member of DAMSAN JSC with 17 years of manufacturing and real estate experience.
Our modern technology and automated production combine to greatly raise our efficiency.

Mr Vũ Huy Đông

Chairman of AD GREEN

“Multi-sector development with the core of textiles and garments, renewable energy is the great potential of Vietnam to reach the world.”

With a strategic vision of multi-industry development, Damsan Joint Stock Company is a mature enterprise from the textile industry, established in June 2006 up to now. The company has demonstrated its multi-industry development strategy by catching up with the general trend of the economy, not only in the textile industry, the company also invests in real estate development with housing projects. The first social for the community in Thai Binh.

The birth of AD Green marked the sensitivity to the problems of the world energy industry today. AD Green is dedicated to the benefit of the community that the Board of Directors and all employees of the company want to aim for. Together with Damsan’s existing platform, we are committed to creating real values ​​that benefit the community in particular and the world in general, contributing a part of our efforts in the global energy war to keep preserve a sustainable future.

"The belief in serving the community is the dedication and top priority of AD Green."

AD Green believes that renewable energy will be the future of the world, and together we will build a green ecosystem in which people can own and enjoy great benefits from the ecosystem. That brings, a life with sustainable green energy, saving costs and fuel, towards optimizing benefits for the community.

When fossil energy resources are gradually depleted, we have to choose to change or be eliminated. AD Green is proud to be one of the pioneering Vietnamese enterprises in investing in the solar energy industry. We will join hands to contribute to a green, developed and sustainable future in the spirit of community service, towards quality, safe and durable products.

Mr Vương Quốc Dương



AD Green aims at a long-term and sustainable energy source, join hands to build a good life, save costs and contribute a green, clean future to the community.


AD Green aims to become a pioneering Vietnamese enterprise in the renewable energy production industry, bringing Vietnam's energy industry to the world, making a mark for a sustainable future to future generations.

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