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Are you a large solar pv manufacturer that needs additional capacity. We can provide OEM services for you.

What is OEM?
OEM is essentially AD Green manufacturing and making specific products on behalf of brands. In the case of solar module companies, primary manufacturers are outsourcing the production of their solar panels to OEMs.

The manufacturer still brands the product as its own, and ideally, monitors the manufacturing process to ensure the OEM maintains the level of quality that customers expect from the brand.

What does OEM mean for solar module companies?
The use of OEMs has been common across manufacturing by large, well-known for years. For instance, your iPhone is made by an OEM. Most likely, so are your TV, laptop, car stereo, air conditioner, and many other appliances.

Keeps costs low
Solar panel companies, including Panasonic, see several benefits from this strategy, and many positive effects for customers. Most notably, it can enable manufacturers to reduce their own costs as the OEM solar module manufacturers benefit from economies of scale in operating its factories, purchasing materials and hiring labor.

That allows the solar panel companies to keep costs to homeowners affordable, while still maintaining a high quality.

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