Parking Lot

The parking lot integrates a solar power system to provide electricity for the operation of the outdoor parking lot.

Reduce energy usage and lower electricity costs with our solar parking lot solution. Plan a project with AD GREEN or learn more about our capabilities.

We deliver expert-led engineering services across the full value chain. Trusted as a partner by the Vietnam energy sector, we bring deep insight and experience, enabling your project to perform on time, on scope and on budget – and working to the highest safety standards.

Our expertise covers every aspect of power generation and energy market analysis, from the pre-investment phase to plant operation.

We take pride in being committed to sustainable development which protects the environment as well as making good business sense in everything we do.

Other Solutions

Solar Farms
AD Green provides solar field installation and manufacturing solutions in Vietnam, with expertise and premises that meet international standards.
Rooftop Solar
Save electricity and protect the environment through the installation of rooftop solar power systems at homes and industrial parks.

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