Floating Solar

Floating solar power is a potential solution and is being developed in countries with many rivers and lakes, especially hydroelectric systems.

Floating solar panels are used to shade the water and reduce evaporation, which saves a significant amount of water. This can play an important role in maintaining and enhancing clean water, especially in areas affected by drought and natural disasters.

In addition, solar panels are durable, reducing the need to cut trees and occupy a large area of ​​land. This means reducing site clearance costs and helping to protect the natural environment.

Floating solar technology shows great potential for many communities living in areas with water reservoirs and hydroelectric plants. The deployment of suitable floating solar power projects will help increase renewable energy, while limiting greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

The application of floating solar technology is not only a cost-effective solution, but also a significant step forward in protecting the environment and securing our future.

Other Solutions

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AD Green provides solar field installation and manufacturing solutions in Vietnam, with expertise and premises that meet international standards.
Rooftop Solar
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